5 Fabulous Colour Combos!

Hi Everyone!

I am about to get on a boat and head off into the Alaskan sunset!  I am on my way to Stampin’ Up!’s Grand Vacation Incentive trip – an Alaskan Cruise!  We just spent a few days touring Seattle and now onto the boat!  I can’t wait! Stampin’ Up! Grand Vacations are always the best!

So because I am travelling and so many people do during the summer, I was inspired by suitcases to create this month’s colour combos post.  I am not talking about your boring black suitcases, I am talking about super fun ones!

1) Britto Suitcase – Romero Britto is a famous artist and I love some of his work. If you have peeked in my china cabinet at home, you will see some stuff by him. I love his super bright colour palettes.  This colour palette that I have chosen would make a super fun birthday card.  You can even pull some of the other colours used in the suitcase for accent colours for you card.

Suitcase Colour Combo 1

2) New York Suitcase – One of my favourite places to travel!  I try and go every year!  How fun is this super cute suitcase!  Why not try and use the Broadway birthday stamps with this colour palette?  It would be so fun!

Suitcase Colour Combo 2

3) Greece Suitcase – As you know I am working towards the Greek Isles Grand Vacation trip and I am so close!  I love this suitcase and colour palette.  Is is a different take on the traditional Greek inspired colours of blue and white.  It would be so fun to do a beach themed card with this colour combo or use Bethlehem Edgelits Dies and transform them into a Greek oasis!  I can’t wait to see Mama Mia 2 so I can fall in love with Greece all over again!

Suitcase Colour Combo 3

4) Mickey Inspired Suitcase – Disney has got to be the happiest place on earth and I am heading to Orlando in November for the Stampin’ Up! conference. Might just have to stop and say hello to Mickey.  Using punch art and this colour combo you can come up with a great Disney themed card for the Disney lover in your life because we are all kids at heart still!

Suitcase Colour Combo 4

5)  Cruise Suitcase – I love this suitcase! It is super cute!  I wish I had one for my carryon for the ship!  This is great masculine colour combo.  Or try using it and the High Tide stamp set and create a nautical themed card!

Suitcase Colour Combo 5

Okay I know I said I had five great colour combos but I just couldn’t stop!

Here are two more!

6) To the Beach Suitcase – Who doesn’t love a great beach trip in the summer!  So much fun!  Try this colour combo with the Tropical Escape Bundle and see what you can come up with!  PS – I love that Poppy Parade is back! Such a bright brilliant red!

Suitcase Colour Combo 6

7) Butterfly Suitcase – I love the bright colours of the butterfly on this suitcase, but I also love how they pop with the black and white!  Try and recreate this look using the butterfly from the Beautiful Day stamp set stamped in black on white card stock and use our blends or markers to colour the butterfly.  I bet it would turn out stunning!

Suitcase Colour Combo 7

Ok, that is really it this time!  Tell me what suitcase is your favourite!

And if you can’t get enough of suitcases, take another look at my latest Blog Hop post for Thinking Outside the Box Blog Hop, last month’s theme was suitcases!  You could try some of our ideas and maybe recreate one of these super fun bags!


One thought on “5 Fabulous Colour Combos!

  1. I love this post. My favourite is #7, although the Greek Isles was a close second. Have a fantastic cruise. I wish I was going too. See you when you get back.


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